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But how do you find the time to make this dream come true? You have an idea for a book to write, you want to sell your art on an online platform, you would like to have one hour per week just for you and this simmering project. How to create in the hubbub of everyday life when there is so much to do ... for others? Take time just for yourself and reconnect: is it really inaccessible?

Writing by the Water
A Woman Writing by the Window


In six months, in a year, you will have completed your project: your script will be sent, you will sell your designs on Etsy, you will be part of a dance performance, an embroidery group. Or maybe you will have your small studio in a corner the house, for you alone. Whatever your creative dream is, it's within reach!


All the creators encounter blockages along the way. Time, inspiration, discipline, impostor syndrome... Does it ring a bell? Together, we will look at how to tackle these challenges and fight your inner resistances in order to access your full creativity potential!



Coaching is offered by videoconference - French or English

Creativity leads to the state of flow , well studied in psychology: you know this calm, this focus and this dopamine that are so good for our mental health? I offer you individual support to reveal your artistic creativity, achieve professional goals or simply to add a touch of creativity to your daily life. Draw, take photos, make bouquets, cook without a recipe, make your beauty products, write poetry: now is the time to prioritize creativity in your life!


Unlock your creativity

  • 3 individual coaching sessions of 45 min.

  • Progress at your own pace.

  • Perfect for setting up a creative routine and taking time for yourself.

  • $ 230 for this offer.

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Perfect to launch your project!

  • Individual sessions by videoconference.

  • First meeting: We will discuss your project, your strengths and objectives.

  • 6 hours total of support over a 6-month period to keep pace with your creativity.

  • Choice of sessions: 30 min, 45 min, 60 min, according to your needs.

  • Email follow-up available between sessions.

  • 575 $ for the package.

IMG_4958 3.HEIC


Without engagement!

  • Individual coaching session.

  • Exploring your creative potential and tracking your goal.

  • Ideal for deciding if you need the structure that coaching offers.

  • 1h of support for your project.


Schedule a free 15 minute discovery videocall.

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Creativity everyday, everywhere

Younger, I wanted to become a "nose" in order to create perfumes! I wrote fables, I crushed rocks to make eye shadow. I have never lost this desire to create, everywhere, all the time. For the last 10 years, I have published collections of poetry and novels with different French publishers in Montréal. For my pleasure, I practice photography, cyanotype, knitting, I invent recipes and most of all, I try to practice awareness and pay close attention to my surrounding. 

I have worked closely with leaders in the start-up industry for several years. But I got exhausted and that's when I wanted to get back to basics and put creation back at the center of my life, with writing and collage. I also decided to put my leadership and my experience in the service of creativity by offering coaching.

I am in the process of being certified as a creativity coach with Eric Maisel in the United States. I regularly run collage workshops and coach clients around the world. My values are authenticity, creativity, curiosity and courage.


Ah yes: I learned to make perfumes, to play with the top, heart and base notes. You should never put aside your childhood dreams!

A review of existing literature on the benefits of the arts (music, visual arts, dance and writing) by Stuckey and Noble considered more than 100 studies, concluding that creative expression has a powerful impact on health and well-being on various patient populations. 

Cathy Malchiodi PhD


I have been working with Stephanie for a few months and it’s been a game changer. She doesn’t take a cookie cutter approach, but instead truly listens to your ambitions and aspirations and works with you. I have been able to overcome some creative blocks and take action to meet my professional goals without sacrificing time away from my family.


Feeling accountable to provide Stephanie with updates has made me accountable to myself and my mission.

At the beginning of a writing project that was not progressing, I met with Stephanie once a week for an online appointment. She helped me get back into a creative routine, understanding my hesitations when faced with the blank page. Without ever judging my procrastination, always welcoming and professional, she taught me several ways to get back into the writing groove without too much stress.

Cassandre Ractliffe, New York

Isabelle Décarie, São Paulo


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