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L'intime le pli

L'intime, le pli (intimate foldings) Binding, poetry, collage, embroidery. March 2022

Papers: Atelier Retailles, Japanese paper, magazines and old books.

Created as part of a residency at la Maison de la littérature.

A book-heart, a book-poem, where I questioned the fold. The premise of my questioning was the link between the plications (stage of formation of the heart tube in embryology) and the fold. To question the fold of the paper, of course, but also to reflect, like Louise Warren in La forme et le deuil , on the poetic possibilities of the fold. It was therefore a question of thinking the heart through the idea of bending: bringing closer, folding back, yielding.

“The fold remembers the fingers, keeps the gesture inside for memory. The artist who gives himself gives himself with his work. For nothing. He needs the folds to envelop his gift. » Louise Warren (my translation)

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